Legacy, Leading-Edge Experience, and Innovation

Out of Israel, known as the “Start Up Nation,” comes a unique company with unprecedented experience to find and build all kinds defense and security technologies. Why ISDI and Why Israel?

Transfotech, the parent company of ISDI, is a global innovative technology company, assisting governments, corporations and private companies to gain competitive market advantage by utilizing AI and the myriad of technological iterations. Transfotech learned early on of the value of specializing in security technologies. With that advantage and know-how, ISDI was formed by bringing together a team of high ranked defense and security experts with decades of collective and diverse experience in Israel’s military, intelligence and defense departments. With our core team of seven experts, all retired from various sectors of the military and possessing a vast network of contacts in all security fields, ISDI is able to offer their clients strategic assessments and access to specialized solutions satisfying clients specifications and demands.

ISDI has completed successful matching of Israeli technology to US contractor demands and continues to fulfill client specific needs on a daily basis. As is known, global security relays on daily iterations of cutting edge advanced technology. Israel is a leader in this field and provides the world with new technology daily. Our experience demonstrates that the US defense market desires this technology to preserve and advance their superpower status globally.

The ISDI Approach

Meeting The Team

The first step in solving your challenge is meeting to understand each other’s skill sets and needs, and by forming a collaborative process built to meet your objectives.

Deep Research

Our defense experts perform market and technological research to approach your organizational challenges with the deepest understanding of the defense sector(s) and emerging technologies that could fit your needs. We consult with thought leaders in tech startups and academic institutions to collect market insights and identify defense tech trends. Equipped with that understanding, we develop solutions to best address your challenges and organizational needs.

Round Table Process

Your organization joins our team in evaluating our findings and our solution. Together we collaborate to develop the most informed and effective solution to answer your needs.

Solution Delivery

Your ISDI team will continually consult and report their suggestions as well as deliver a comprehensive report to your organization. If needed, we are able to implement and integrate the technology into your existing infrastructure and can even create custom technology to meet your organizational objectives. These are options which have been found useful for our clients.


Homeland and Border Security

Modernization & Development of Defense Industry

Digital Warfare Technology

Artificial Intelligence Technology


Cyber Security - Military & Commercial

Yossi Houminer

Chief Executive Officer

Israel HQ

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Joyce Morin Utz

Director of Business Development & Sales for North America

US Office

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